Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organic Pastures recall May 2012

Here we go again...Organic Pastures raw dairy has been recalled again.

I know I take on risk when I drink Organic Pastures raw dairy.  There is no 100% guaranteed safe food...pasteurized or not.  For me, the benefits of raw milk from healthy, happy, organic, grass-fed cows continue to outweigh any risks.  I completely trust Organic Pastures to do everything they can to provide a safe, healthy, nourishing product to me and my family.  It is incredibly aggravating when these recalls happen to Organic Pastures as they are my only source of raw milk.  The health officials are urging anyone with any remaining Organic Pastures raw dairy products to dispose immediately...instead, I am savoring every last drop and praying the recall is lifted as soon as possible.  Thank you, Mark and the rest of the Organic Pastures family for your determination to continue meeting the demand for this nourishing food.  I will be stocking up as soon as your products return to the shelves.

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